Mátra Camping

3200 Gyöngyös-Mátrafüred, 4 Farkas streetShow on the map »
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Description of the camping

The 4 stars Matra Kemping lies in the heart of the Matras, beside the highest lake of the country (Sás-tó), in an a breathtaking forest environment. Climbing up to the iconic 50 meters-high Sástó tower a spectacular panoramic view unfolds before us. Mátra-Sástó is a favorite hiking spot and holiday resort for tourists and holiday-makers.

In the renewed 4 stars Matra Camping, the sophisticatedly designed 70-170 square meters  green grass parcelles equipped with public utility services (electricity, water and sewage connection), the modern and high-quality sanitary facilities and fully equipped public kitchens perfectly satisfy the needs of 21st-century campers. The highly equipped camping enables families with babiest or little kids to have a calm and comfortable camping experience (scrib, baby bath, table-mounted chair, nappy changing tables, kettle etc.). Besides the tent and caravan parcells we are awaiting our appreciated quests with 2 to 12 capacity comfortable lodges (with and without kithen) and with 3 stars hotel rooms (for 2-3 guests) and suits (2-6 guests). We provide accessible solutions at all accomodation types.

At the area of our camping site we provide a wide range of leisure activities such as restaurant, buffet, playground, fire places, outdoor oven (with a professional chef), game room (with billiard, darts, table tennis and cho-coo) wine cellar with wine tasting, wellness and spa area (with adult’s and children’s pool, 3 types of saunas, steam cabin, relax room and jakuzzi), salt cave with spinning room, salty playground, and relax room. Next to our facility there are several toy and gift shops, a mini supermarket and other restaurants.

The Oxygen Adrenalin Park locates in 10-minutes walking distance from the Camping which can be also approached by the new Mátra Chairlift. At the 16 acres of land all generations find the perfect amusement fitting to their preferences (age and bravery).

As numerous hiking trails pass through Sástó, and as the area is a popular stop for hiking, biking and other sport races, our camping is a perfect choice for those tourists that prefer active pastime.


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    Featured services

    Baby-friendly, Boat rental, Boat use, Family-friendly, Indoor accommodation, Steam room, Cure, Jacuzzi (whirlpool bath), Pool, Sauna, Wellness-section, Wi-Fi (free)

    Types of accommodation

    Apartment, Cabins, Own caravan, Own tent, Room, Holiday home

    Catering and cooking facilities

    A 'la carte, Half-board, Cooking area for own use, Sink with hot water, Microwave oven, Breakfast, Full-board, Fireplace

    Water block

    Washbasin and shower with hot water, Washing machine, Water block to disabled people, Toilet

    Payment facilities

    Money transfer, Debit card (Visa, Master Card), K&H SZÉP Card, Cash: Euro, Cash: Forint, MKB SZÉP Card, OTP SZÉP Card

    SZÉP Card payment pockets

    Leisure pocket (sub-account), Accommodation pocket (sub-account), Catering pocket (sub-account)

    Spoken languages

    English, Hungarian, German

    Buildings and premises within the campsite

    Buffet, Drink bar, Grocery store, Restaurant, Playground, Lounge, Water block

    Baby-friendly services

    Microwave oven, Changing room

    Extra services

    Accessibility, Animation, Safe deposit, Pets allowed, Mobile phone charging, Hiking recommendations, Wi-Fi (free)

    Extra services to a travel trailer

    Electrical connections, Caravan emptying, Water and sewer connection

    Available in a covered accommodation

    Refrigerator, Cable TV, Kitchen, Toilet, Wi-Fi, Shower

    Child-friendly services

    Animation, Children’s pool, Playground, Table tennis

    The location of the campsite

    Near a forest, In a mountain area, Waterside

    Rental options

    Boat rental, Sports goods rental

    Types of pools and water experiences on the campsite

    Experience pool, Covered pool, Children’s pool

    Sports facilities near the campsite and within the campsite

    Boating, Football, Cycling, Nordic Walking, Table tennis, Segway, Badminton, Trampoline, Hiking

    Sports facilities within the campsite

    Boating, Football, Table tennis, Badminton

    Wellness&Spa& beauty services

    Finnish sauna, Steam room, Cure, Infra cabin, Jacuzzi (whirlpool bath), Sauna
    All services


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    3200 Gyöngyös-Mátrafüred, 4 Farkas streetRoute planning to the following location »

    3200 Gyöngyös-Mátrafüred, Farkas utca 4.


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